2.4Ghz digital bike computer

Speed/Cadence Sensor FCC ID: 2AAQQ52505332333030
Computer FCC ID: 2AAQQ4C563230303041
The intelligent coach software APP

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The Digital Wireless Bike Computer Life visa LV-2000 system includes a High Frequency Speed Sensor, Cadence Sensor, Heart Rate Chest Belt, and Main Intelligent Computer. The system is able to upload and download complete cycling data and heart statistics to and from the PC system, and can save numerical data and graphical analysis when connected to the real-time Intelligent Software Coach.

The large LCD screen on Life visa LV-2000 Bike Computer provides the current heart rate, current bike speed, average heart rate, average bike speed, average cadence, trip distance, total distance, maximum heart rate, current heart load, maximum speed, maximum cadence, calories burned, stop watch, clock, and a capacity of 99 trip records.

The Dot Matrix Area can display the calendar, BMI, and other information that the user needs while cycling and operating the computer. The Digital Bike Computer Life visa LV-2000 system can be coordinated with the real-time Intelligent Coach system, which can save cyclist information such as data and graphical analysis.

The Life visa LV-2000 system, combined with the Utrainer, will allow the user to be able to train indoors when weather conditions outside are not ideal, creating on-going, non-stop fitness training.