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HRV R-R interval Heart Rate monitor

The autonomic nerves have been affecting the beating of the heart. The sympathetic nerves speed up the heartbeat, while the parasympathetic nerves slow down the heartbeat. Therefore, the human heart is not beating at a fixed speed but in a stable range.
In other words, the time interval between each heartbeat of our heart is not a fixed value, this kind of R-R interval change is called Heart Rate Variability, or HRV .

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Application of HRV

HRV can be used to assess autonomic nervous system imbalance, disease and even mortality. Hypoactive parasympathetic nerves and abnormal HRV have been confirmed to be related to several immune dysfunction and body inflammation.

The reduction of HRV has received more attention as it is related to various chronic diseases and aging.

This chest strap does not involve diagnosis, but only provides simple self-measurement of the R-R interval value, which is operated by ordinary people and the user chooses to use the BT5.0 APP with the HRV parameter calculation function.